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Episode 5

The Inverted Yield Curve

Cam Harvey speaks to the currently inverted yield curve as an indicator of a slowing economy, further expounding on his Conversations of January 2019.

Episode 4

Surprise! High Employee Satisfaction = More Positive Earnings Surprises

ESG and SRI strategies filter companies on metrics that often measure intangibles. Alex Edmans finds that employee satisfaction does correlate with corporate outcomes, but the market is not yet adequately valuing this intangible.

Episode 3

Beyond Willpower: Strategies For Reducing Failures of Self-Control

David Laibson discusses his findings on what types of strategies work best to encourage investors to exert self-control, whether it may be saving more for retirement or resisting the impulse to sell into a falling market.

Episode 2

The History of the Cross-Section of Stock Returns

Juhani Linnainmaa cautions investors to be wary of alpha decay in newly discovered factors. Using fresh, pre-discovery data, his out-of-sample analysis shows about half of the many factors tested were not robust.

Episode 1

The Flattening Yield Curve

Cam Harvey looks at the yield curve today through the lens of his 1986 pioneering work on yield-curve inversions and their foreshadowing of economic downturns.